The 3RUN Ambassadors

Bogdan Pascal
Bogdan Pascal 3RUN


Bogdan is an incredibly accomplished athlete. As an street Acrobat, he has honed his skills as both an entertainer and an athlete.
His versatility and ability to move with lightening agility make Bogdan a serious athlete in the world Freerunning arena. Recently coming second place in the Romania's Got Talent finals, Bogdan is at the forefront of Parkour with all the most difficult tricks becoming second nature to him.

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Jesse Turner

Jesse Turner is an Australian freerunner and stunt performer with over 10 years experience. His determination and extreme persistence has brought him amazing opportunities in films such as Suicide Squad and Wolverine. Jesse has won stunt awards for his film work and came first place in the biggest parkour speed run contest in Australia. 

Jesse is a versatile athlete and is best known for being a powerhouse.

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Joe Scandrett

Lewis Scandrett


Mostef 3RUNMoStef has become globally renowned as a breathtakingly unique performance artist. An incredibly accomplished professional artist, Mostef is a professional Bboy, Actor,  and Free Runner as well as an acrobat with comprehensive experience in Poi and all fire performance skills, stunts, Trampoline, Harness and Aerial alongside choreography of all styles of dance and performance.
Mostef is best known for his creativity/originality, power moves and combining power moves with freeruning/flips.
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Stanislav Lazden 3RUNStanislav is one of world leading freeruners in the world, know for raw and creative style. Finalist of world most famous freerunning competitions, like Redbull Art of Motion and AirWipp!
Stanislav has 10 years experience in  live performances, start from small festivals till royal family of Arabic Emirates.
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Volodya 3RUNI have 2 loves. Movement and Photography. It all started when I was about 13 years old, we had an abandoned building, me and my friends used to run through it and meet for sunsets on the roof. It was then, when my love for parkour and photography began. After all, what could be better than to climb to the roof and take a picture heroically standing over the precipice on a thin horizontal bar with sunset on my background. I consider myself as an extreme photographer, because Parkour skills allow me to be in the places where ordinary people can’t get to. Links to social media:
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Wid 3RUNI Wid has been training Parkour since 2004. Currently he is travelling the world, proudly within the top 10 athletes in the world.
Recently recognized as 5th place in the skills round at the International WFPF Jump Off Championships - Las Vegas.
Representing Latin America on Ninja Warrior, Wid loves technically difficult movements and brings his own flavour to everything he does. 
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Will Sutton